Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation has cared for the health of the Iraqi citizens and for the importance of developing in it after it has experienced the negligence of the governmental health departments. Although theses departments have witnessed development after the falling of the past regime, still there are clear shortcomings from the government and still the citizens suffer for the type of the services presented. As a kind of faithfulness, the foundation has taken upon its shoulder to alleviate this misery. It was keen to play the vital role to lessen the effect of the governmental shortcomings. In cooperation with some international organizations, Health Care Department of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation made health care campaigns and medical courses to the staffs and employees working in this field and other courses held to the citizens. Moreover, the department also gives the helping hand to those who are in need whether financial or spiritual. It also cooperates with the international organizations to host physicians presenting medical services for free and to make thousands of surgeries for free as well.

The services presented by this department can be summarized as follows:

1. Presenting financial aids contributing in supporting the treatment of the patients of the poor families.

2. Hosting physicians with rare specializations, especially in ophthalmology, cardiology, and joints in cooperation with Ministry of Health, where thousands of surgeries have been executed, thousands of patients treated and all of this is for free. In addition to this project, it holds a practical course to develop Iraqi physicians.

3. Cooperation with NGO’s in sending patients outside Iraq to facilitate their treatments.

4. Presenting some medical devices and tools such as wheelchairs for the handicapped and so forth.

5. Hosting professors in medicine to give consultancies and hold courses to Iraqi medical staffs.

6. Holding medical camping aiming at training the volunteers and also presenting medical aids to those who need it in the million pilgrimages for the holy shrines in Najaf.

7. Setting the program of (Saving Human Life) which included volunteers, governmental directorates and security bureaus such as the civil defense.

8. Holding medical conferences and symposiums aiming at developing the scientific side, the most prominent of which was holding the biggest medical symposium in Iraq in cooperation with (IMI) Foundation.