Al-Anwar Al-Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development was established to care for, educate, develop, and empower orphans across the globe, and especially in countries ravaged by war, terrorism, and natural disasters. The Foundation also wishes to extend the same services to the poor, destitute, and disadvantaged in those areas of the world.
Aid to the orphaned and underprivileged: Many countries across the globe are in need of humanitarian aid and development. Population growth and natural disasters continue to be a problem in Pakistan and India. War torn countries, like Afghanistan and Iraq, continue to suffer from humanitarian crises. A major focus of the Foundation will be to provide humanitarian aid to the orphaned and underprivileged across the world, especially and Asia and Africa.
Education: The Foundation also seeks to provide educational and development aid across the globe. The Foundation believes that a key to improving the future of those in need is through education and development.
Financial assistance for Displaced Families: With unrest in underdeveloped nations, many families have been displaced from their homes and their nations. As a result, the organization seeks to provide financial aid to such families. According to the UN, there are 105,000 refugees in Europe alone and Sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26 per cent of the world’s refugee population. Clearly the refugee crisis has reached levels that demands global attention.
The Foundation’s vision is to help achieve these goals through partnerships with local organizations across the globe. Developing and underdeveloped nations often have a plethora of grass-roots, local organizations that aim to address these problems. These groups have the best understanding of the local situation, as well as innovative ideas about how it can be addressed. As such, we aim to partner with these local organizations and provide them with the funding, in-kind assistance, and guidance needed to be able to advance our shared purposes.